cllaimsSample Claims for Food Carts and Kiosks

What could go wrong? Why do businesses get sued?


Sample Claim #1: Food Vendors: A customer buys a hot dog from your hot dog stand. While eating the hot dog, the customer suddenly chips a tooth on something hard contained inside the hot dog. The customer incurs $700 in medical expenses and $6,000 in corrective dental expenses.  He sues you for the money.

Sample Claim #2: Flea Market Vendors: You’re operating your booth at a swap meet or flea market. Several Customers surround your booth to see what you are selling. Your booth is suddenly knocked over by a strong gust of wind and a pole supporting your booth strikes a customer in the face causing a laceration. The individual incurs $1,100 in medical expenses, $12,000 for surgery to repair scar damage and $10,000 for mental anguish.

You need liability insurance to protect youself.




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